Wake Effects Wins “Retail Shop of the Year”


Wakeboarders and waterskiers around Lake of the Ozarks have known for years that Wake Effects is the best watersports shop around. Now, the rest of the country knows that as well.

Wake Effects by Big Thunder Marine was recently named “Retail Shop of the Year” by the Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA). The group is an important advocate for towed watersports, and they work hard to promote the sport, to maintain waterway access rights and more.

The award was presented at WSIA’s annual summit in Colorado. Wake Effects’ Retail Manager, Ryan Moriearty, and Assistant Retail Manager, Chase Sabbert, attended the summit and accepted the award.

Moriearty said what makes the award especially gratifying and humbling is that it isn’t a popularity contest or an event where one store’s customers can stuff the ballot box. Each WSIA member gets one vote, and members make up the entire spectrum of the watersports community – retailers, manufacturers, people who run watersports schools, and more. The vote also isn’t based so much on sales, but rather on how a retailer works to promote watersports.

“It has just as much to do with special events, demo days and all the stuff that we do,” said Moriearty. “It’s as much about all the stuff we give back to the sport.”

As anyone who enjoys watersports around Lake of the Ozarks knows, Wake Effects gives plenty back to the sport. That includes hosting events like Radar Nation Day. The event is part of the national Radar Nation Tour put on annually by Radar Skis and Mastercraft Boats. The tour only makes roughly 8 stops throughout the country. It’s a free event designed to introduce people to waterskiing.

Wake Effects also does an event called Surf Sundays several times a season. On Surf Sundays, a crew from Wake Effects will pull up to restaurants along the lake to see if anyone wants to try wakesurfing. The Wake Effects crew teaches them how to wakesurf, and the entire experience is completely free.

Wake Effects also holds many other events over the course of a season, including hosting several clinics with pro riders.

Besides hosting events, Moriearty says they work to promote the sport at the shop by passing along their knowledge to customers and helping to get them involved in the sport. And the crew at Wake Effects has plenty of watersports experience and knowledge to pass along.

“Pretty much everyone who works here, we all work here because it’s a passion of ours,” says Moriearty. “We do pretty much everything, every kind of watersport.”

Moriearty says that experience is helpful in diagnosing any problems or issues a customer has. The fix isn’t always selling someone a new product. Sometimes, it’s a simple fin or boot adjustment. Moriearty says they won’t sell customers something they don’t need.

“We’ve always prided ourselves on not being a pressure shop,” says Moriearty. “We spend quite a bit of time with customers understanding what they need.”

Wake Effects might now be recognized as the best watersports shop in the country. But rather than be satisfied with that title, the shop is still working to improve.

Moriearty says Wake Effects recently moved from its old 6,000-square-foot retail space into a new 22,000-square-foot space. He says that will allow them to offer more products and services to customers, including kayaks and paddleboards.

It seems the best watersports shop in the nation is getting even better.

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