If you’re looking for the highest-performing ski boat out there, look no further than the MasterCraft ProStar. With innovative engineering and a streamlined design, this model has set course, national and world records, leaving the competition in its wake. The ultimate machine for beginners and pro skiers alike, the ProStar offers quality features including a removable bow cover and rear seats, patented ski racks, a direct drive hull, and athlete-designed software and dash. This powerful vessel is a no-brainer for sportsmen.


The XStar is a rebuilt, revamped version of MasterCraft’s original high-performance wakeboarding boat. A new hull design and FastFill Ballast System, custom rudder for smooth-as-silk handling, and spacious, comfortable interior with room for all your passengers make the Xstar the full package with a powerful wake. High-end features include a ZFT3 Tower, premium audio package, innovative dual-screen control, a fourth mid-ship ballast tank, and a deluxe 5500 GDI Ilmor Engine with 2:1 transmission. The XStar packs a serious punch, as evidenced by its Innovation Award from the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association.


Designed with the perfect surf in mind, the X20 will deliver just the waves you’re looking for. This surf-centric model is perfect for wakeboarders as well. Features include a spacious pickle fork bow, reverse-facing sundeck seats, a convertible flip seat, a new, innovative hull shape, and the award-winning Gen 2 Surf System. For a perfect blend of fun and refinement, the X20 hits the mark perfectly.


If you’re looking for a surf wave to make your own, the X23 has you covered. With the longest, most customizable wave in the industry, this is a model you can count on for the perfect ride every time. Features include 3000 pounds of ballast, a super-deep hull, ample room for 15 with storage, a pickle fork bow, reverse-facing sundeck seats, convertible slip seat, and perspective-shifting sundeck. Add the optional dual-screen dash and XFT7 tower for the full experience.


If you like to live large, the X46 is just what you need. This heavy-hitting wake surf boat has the space and comfort you need to entertain and adventure. On-board lounges, a 24-foot hull and a roomy interior combine for a luxurious boating experience. Features include a convertible flip seat, innovative captain’s chair and transom seating. Add the ZFT4 tower and dual-screen dash to complete your X46. Go big or go home.


The X26 is tow boat with innovative craftsmanship, combining thoughtful design with luxury construction. This premium model is 26 feet long with ample room for your whole crew, plus amenities that let you stay out on the water as long as you’d like. Features include a spacious interior, wet bar, passenger flip seat, and powerful surf waves. Optional features like a head, refrigerator, and dual-screen dash give this boat an added boost. For unbeatable performance and luxurious elegance, the X26 is your vessel.


The XT20 has it all: plenty of space with ample storage, an all-new standard tower and 4.3” touchscreen, an innovative hull design, our Gen 2 Surf System, and MasterCraft’s “five years, no fears” warranty. This compact crossover is extremely drivable, sized for your garage, and expertly designed to create powerful waves no matter what you’re towing. With the fierce XT20, you can do more on the water than you thought possible.


MasterCraft’s all-new multi-sport crossover model, the XT23 blends classic style with innovative design. Features include room for 16, comfortable rear-facing seats, a completely redesigned hull, deluxe Gen 2 Surf System, 2600 pounds of ballast, and top-of-the-line Ilmor engines. Add the optional dual-screen dash and ZFT4 tower to get the most out of this powerful boat. Whether you’re filling this model with wakeboards, skis, surfboards, your friends, or all of the above, the XT23 gets the job done.


The XT21 is a versatile MasterCraft bestseller, packed with upgrades developed from the classic X10. This midsize-length model exudes traditional style and promises unmatched performance no matter your sport. The spacious interior has room for 14, and features include an all-new standard tower, optional transom seat, standard 4.3” touchscreen, and unbeatable surf waves. With the XT21, you’ll want to stay out on the water all day.


The new XT25 promises plenty of space to entertain while maintaining incredibly smooth drivability. This 25-foot-long model delivers huge waves for surfing, skiing and wakeboarding, space for 18, and an innovative hull design that kicks your sporting into high gear. Add the optional dual-screen dash for the complete package. You’ll be the ultimate host with this commanding model.


Make every summer the best one yet with the XT22, a 22-foot crossover-capable model that does it all. The Gen 2 Surf System promises never-ending waves for surfers, skiers and wakeboarders alike. Features include 2700 pounds of ballast, a roomy interior, and ample space for storing gear. Deluxe optional features like the ZFT4 tower, transom seat and dual-screen dash complete the package. Create lasting memories season after season with the XT22.


The MasterCraft NXT20’s blend of affordability and performance means you don’t need to compromise. This 20-foot, eye-catching model will fit in your garage and get you noticed out on the waves. Features include award-winning steering control, an all-new standard tower, and ample space for the whole family to enjoy tubing, skiing, surfing and wakeboarding. What are you waiting for?


Performance meets comfort in the NXT22, a super-drivable model with ample room for friends and family and their gear. With an affordable price and eye-catching design, the NXT22’s a no-brainer. Features include a spacious interior, all-new standard tower, award-winning steering control and deluxe NXT Surf System. Surf and ski to your heart’s content with this comprehensive boat.


Let’s face it: looks matter. And the NXT20 is a head-turner. With an industry-leading crossover hull and innovative coastal deck layout, this model is one of a kind, but still designed with the classic quality you’ve come to know from MasterCraft. With powerful speed and shallow water capability, outboard propulsion, ample seating, and a rear platform, you can conquer the waves off any coast in this dynamic boat, and look good doing it.