2019 Big Thunder Marine Boat Winterization & 2020 De-Winterization

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  • Boat Information

    Please complete a separate form for each boat.
  • Winterization Services

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    Allow 2 wk window - Subject to Weather REQUIRED ANNUALLY
  • Pump Out is required prior to winterization services being performed. If customer has not pumped their system out prior to our tech arriving at the dock, we will make every attempt to return the boat to our Marina for a pump out and then return it back to the customers dock. If this is necessary, there will be a charge of $120 per hour plus a $25 pump out fee ($80 pump out fee if we have to dewinterize and rewinterize our pump out station). If we are unable to return the boat to the Marina, we will winterize the system to the best of our ability and the customer understands that a system that has not been pumped out is not guaranteed to be safe from freezing.
    Customer will have done or accepts warning of possible freeze explained above
    Winter Storage begins when a customer's boat has been winterized. Storage will be billed for 5 mo or until March 31st, whichever is greater. After March 31st standard storage rates apply and storage will be prorated to the day that boat is removed from Glencove. All boats will be subject to a haul out, spring launch, and blocking fees.
    (Price may vary with cruisers and/or boats with arches)
  • Maintenance & Repairs

    Qualified for discounted storage program - Estimates provided
  • De-Winterization Spring Services

    Schedule now to price protect labor rate! WATER REQUIRED ON DOCK
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    If your batteries are aged & weak, they may be due for replacement. If they are not in a condition to start the boat, we will jump start your boat in the spring to make sure it runs. We will not guarantee that it will start the next time you try to use it. A service call will be required for replacement after summerization unless you mark this form to replace them if necessary.
  • Miscellaneous Charges as applicable

    (per estimate - we will contact you)
    1/2 Price Service Call per boat for 2 or 3 boats when done on 1 DOCK @1 TIME or FREE Service call for 4 or more boats done ON 1 DOCK @1 TIME(Forms must be submitted together and excludes personal watercraft); 1/2 Price Service Call to pick up and return boat for winter work. Haul Out &/or Launch as required.
  • A Big Thunder Marine representative will confirm your order according to instructions above, once confirmed, winterization will be completed within 10 days after "winterized after" date. Dewinterization will be done within 2 weeks after "dewinterize after" date. CUSTOMER MUST RECEIVE CONFIRMATION OF RECEIPT OF THIS ORDER, OTHERWISE, BIG THUNDER MARINE CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR WINTERIZATION. Big Thunder Marine may postpone winterization due to weather conditions, however, if unit is winterized within customers 2 week window, Big Thunder Marine is not responsible for weather conditions thereafter. I, the undersigned, have read and agree to the conditions set forth in this agreement. I do hereby authorize Big Thunder Marine to perform the services herein and to apply the charges to my credit card upon completion. Cancellation or the failure to cancel resulting in us sending a tech to your dock, will result in forfeiture of any deposits paid. Prices do not include parts, shop supplies, environmental fees, or sales tax.